Spencer Gonzalez Releases A Smashing Seasonal Hit Just In Time For The Holidays

Spencer Gonzalez started out as a skilled guitarist playing along to his favorite songs, and transitioned his musical career into a performing icon! Spencer Gonzalez released his new song titled “Christmas Everywhere” off his new album titled “Hope For Homeless Heroes Hearts” a compilation album of different artists, in support of homeless veterans! The song was superb and beautifully orchestrated and we loved every minute of it! If you want a contemporary, cheerful sound to play during this holiday season with in-depth lyricism and engrossing sounds of guitar strings that takes you into musical heaven then you definitely want to check out "Christmas Everywhere". We think think playing Spencer's song and album will be a perfect addition to your holidays. The meaning behind the album is truly beautiful, bringing light on a topic that is not spoken about often enough. His passion and dedication to his artistry evokes excellent musical products that his fans and new coming fans will thoroughly enjoy due to the authenticity and consuming feeling of his music!

You can listen to Spencer's new album “Hope For Homeless Heros” here and follow Spencer Gonzalez on his journey of humanity by connecting with him on his social media!

Hi Spencer! You mentioned how your father played an important role in inspiring you to create music. Can you tell our readers more about how he has impacted your music career?
My Father the great Ralph Gonzalez was an amazing sax player and overall musician. Growing up in a household of music was magical. He was always off to play gigs or fly out for a session some where. That was playing in the house ranged from Earth Wind and Fire to Santana. When I started to have an ear for music he pushed me in the right direction, him not being a guitar player he showed how to read music, music theory and ear training. The rest was all self taught, but my Father was always pushing me to be more then just a practicing musician but a musician with a real career. He wanted me to be a guitarist that could not play one kind of music, but any thing that was thrown at me, shaping me to be a session musician at an early age.

How important is it for an artist to be immensely dedicated to their work?

It is extremely important to be dedicated to your craft because the more you put in to it the better the results. writing the tune and recording it is one side of it, the other is producing it listening to the mix doing your best to send out a good product. Its a hard business to break into but the important thing is to be open minded and always except the musical opportunities when they are presented to you weather its playing slap bass for a funk tune or being the lead guitar on a country track, you stay ready for everything and anything.  

On average, how long did it take for you to properly learn the guitar? Any tips for those who want to begin playing?

I have been playing guitar for over thirty years and started at a very young age of 7 on a toy guitar. in the summer when there wasn't school I would practice at least 16 hours a day. My goal was to be the I could be at my craft and never give up. I started playing a long to Iron Maiden Clapton and Benson and Santana songs growing up with the intentions to one day be as solid as them. With the education of my Father on Music I was achieving my own personal goals playing in my first rock bands in my early teens and doing my first sessions right out of Highschool. It takes endless practice hard work and never giving up. Some great tips I would give anybody out there that wants to become something with their guitar is to never give up, keep your head held high, knowledge is power, and listen to not one kind of music but everything that's what separates you from other players and gives you the advantage.      

How was the song-writing process for “Christmas Everywhere” like?
Christmas Everywhere was a labor of love, it was a real pleasure to put together. Stephen Kalpin the master mind behind Winchester Records had gottn a hold of me to tell me about this fantastic compilation album that was being put together with various artist all over the world for a the great cause of helping homeless veterans. The Album is out now on CD Baby https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/hopeforhomelessheroeshear  the  Album is entitled Hope for Homeless Hearts and was released this month on Winchester Records and will soon be available on Amazon and when as retailer stores. All proceeds for the Album go to the Vets and is a beautiful powerful gift for some real heroes out there. The cause  was the motivation for the track I put on the album I wanted something rustic, Rock, yet contemporary. The results were what you hear on the track. Starting from acoustic and building it up to a climax with a great electric Guitar Rock hook and basing the melody around it.    

What’s your personal favorite quality about your new song "Christmas Everywhere"?

What I like most about the track is that it focuses on the haunting elements of Christmas, the feeling that someone would get if they are just use to business as usual but you know there something magical going on all around you and memories of child hood or past experiences start coming into the for front of the mind. That's what I wanted to touch on more then anything is the haunting but cheerful feelings that come over us during this holiday season and helping the less fortunate.  

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