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Spider Rockets Take You On A Trip To The Nightmare World In “Monster of Your Dreams”

The New Jersey outfit is ready to take you on a sinister yet compelling musical and visual journey.

In the depths of the eye of the musical storm known as rock n’ roll lies the hidden gem known as the Spider Rockets. Led by frontwoman Helena Cos, whose furious yet enticing vocals rain down upon multilayered instrumentals, and guitarist Johnny Nap, who electrifies the soundscape with his searing riffs,

Spider Rockets is a New Jersey-born band that delivers a sonic storm that has captivated listeners everywhere. With their furious energy and intense yet melodic sound, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on any listener.

Spider Rockets are far from being a one-trick pony. Although their intense edge is one of their major calling cards, their evocative themes and vivid imagination for their music videos combine with lyrical depth and prowess to draw listeners into their realm visually and aurally.

For their latest single, “Monster of Your Dreams,” Spider Rocket’s frequent collaborator and producer Jason Nappi plunges viewers into a nightmare realm, showing off their ability to completely envelop you in their world. With other videos such as “Casual Violence,” “Going Down,” and “Rip Your Heart Out” amassing nearly two million views on YouTube as well as gaining multiple film festival awards, it’s clear that Spider Rockets are as artistically diverse as they are talented.

In “Monster of Your Dreams,” Spider Rockets delves into a menacing presence that haunts our waking hours. Over crashing distorted riffs and thunderous drums, vocalist and frontwoman Cos’s vocals are seductive and sinister, dropping lyrics like “I’m sitting in your mind to watch you sleeping / Clawing at the secrets that you’re keeping” with a cadence that leaves you with chills. It’s a musical and visual performance that will leave an unforgettable impression on whoever sees or hears it.

Spider Rockets are torchbearers of multifaceted energy, intensity, and raw emotion in a world where good rock n’ roll is hard to come by. Whenever you’re ready to embrace the eye of the storm, tap in and check out Spider Rockets’ “Monster of Your Dreams,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Spider Rockets! We loved the song and video for “Monster of Your Dreams;" you knocked it out of the park with the whole performance! We have to ask, where did you find the inspiration for this song?

“Monster of Your Dreams” was inspired by recurring nightmares and old horror movies. Imagine being pulled under the bed by a monster and clawing on the floorboards to break your slide into the darkness—that cold terror. Then, in the morning's bright sunshine, talk about it and realize how ridiculous the dream is. Making fun of yourself and your fear, but silently, still remembering the feeling of that terror.

The music video lets you see the viewer through a nightmare world. How did you decide this was the direction you wanted for the music video, and what was your favorite part of bringing that vision to life?

Roman Fernandez, who we’ve also worked with for years, developed the initial concept for the music video, which centered around the bedroom sequences. Filming those scenes was quite memorable. We were in a small bedroom and had serious balancing issues trying to stand and perform on the mattress. Also, the resident dog occasionally snuck into the bedroom to check in on the chaos. Finally, the final bed scene was harder than it looked. I don’t know how we managed to coordinate the movements of four people on a bed without causing serious injury to anyone.

How did Spider Rockets come to be? What’s the origin story, and do you have any particular favorite memories together as a band?

Johnny and I started the group in New Jersey. I auditioned for his band and didn’t get the gig. But we started writing together and eventually assembled a duo that expanded to a full band. We’ve had some great milestones. For example, our video for “Rip Your Heart Out” won six film festival awards in the USA and abroad. Our last music video, “Casual Violence,” hit over a million views on YouTube. The reception for “Monster of Your Dreams” has been great so far! People seem to like it, and it goes over really well live. We just got off tour, which was one of the high points during the show. Some of our fans even identify with the monster, as we were told after our live set each night. I love it!

What goals do you want to achieve with your music?

We are so thrilled that we are reaching more people with each single and video we release! And so glad to see the reception for the new music live. Onward and upward!

What’s next for Spider Rockets? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

We are heading into the studio for more recording and plan to release another video and single later this year. We also look forward to more touring and love meeting fans at the shows. Keep an eye out for new developments by following us on Facebook and Instagram and signing up on our email list!


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