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Spirited Brighton-Based Singer-Songwriter Jess Debenham Raises A Hallelujah to the King of Kings With Her Latest Psalm, “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Jess Debenhams first release of 2024, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” is a soul-stirring invitation to praise and adoration inspired by Psalm 84. Jess has been zealously working on a major project for the past 2 years: a dedication of praise to the revelation of grace in her life.

Her drive comes through the desire to share the gifts of grace she has received and lessons learned with other Jesus lovers. “Holy, Holy, Holy” serves as the prologue to the slowly unraveling journey of Jess’ upcoming live album “MUCH BETTER” and satisfies its role to draw us into an atmosphere of undoubted joy and worship.

Her lyrics are definitive, inviting listeners into bold assurance of the surpassing worth of Jesus to declare that life with Jesus is so much better than anything the world could offer.

The song bursts into a dynamic interplay between the rhythmic heartbeat percussion and expressive acoustic guitar, laying the ground for Jess’ magnetic vocals to resonate with an ardently confident joy.

The combination of spacious synths, gratifying adlibs on the keys, and full-bodied backing vocals are woven together to create an ambiance that encourages us to lay aside our idols and join in Jess’ jubilant proclamation of God’s glorious grace.

The landscape of the anthem rides on a soulful, percussive groove that marches through a forest of melodiously singable, truth-filled verses, roams an open valley freely declaring “with you is so much better”, climbs to a mountaintop of release where the vocals paint an air of surrender for Jesus to “come have your way” while the instruments maintain the tension of subtle expectation.

Immerse yourself today in Jess Debenham's “Holy, Holy, Holy.”


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