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Spotlight: A Re-Cap On Cris Gunther's, "Compass Love Pt. 2"

LA's Cris Gunther is on fire and isn't putting out his flames any time soon.

Taking on a distinguishable 80's-inspired style, Cris Gunther is all about putting on an authentic show. He's has contributed to sync placements for artists such as Madonna and Jared Leto, and now he's putting his focus into crafting his personalized sound to share with the masses.

Cris Gunther recently released his single, "Compass Love Pt. 2," which was recently featured on BuzzMusic. During our exclusive interview with Cris Gunther, he shared that this song was a means for him to explore conceptual art.

"Compass Love Pt. 2" is a more celebratory pop-funk-soul-80's dance groove for the parties and clubs!"

Part one and two of "Compass Love" showed the versatile edge that Cris Gunther possesses. He was able to generate two songs that ventured through different themes but were able to cohesively blend them together to display his diversified style.

Both songs come right off of Cris Gunther's album, "C-GUN'S BEATIFIC: THE WEDDING OF HEAVEN AND HELL," which was his ultimate source of unraveling his soul, heart and in the process, providing therapeutic relief.

Overall, Cris Gunther is a strong musical force that we guarantee you'll be hearing more from. Read the full BuzzMusic x Cris Gunther article here.


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