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Spotlight: Aimie Lovett Sommer and Xinovia Prove They're "On Your Side" With New Single Debut

Remember when we featured Aimie Lovett Sommer's single, "On Your Side," which featured artist Xinovia? Well, if nothing is coming to mind, then here is where we offer a recap of the two artists' collective musical forces.

Aimie Lovett Sommer works to expand the pop genre, and she shows this is being done effortlessly with "On Your Side." Thought-provoking lyricism gets unraveled and soon enough Aimie Lovett Sommer and Xinovia are taking listeners into a whole new world of harmonies. The pair root their ambiance in an 80s-inspired electric/pop theme, which undoubtedly has us in a fixated trance.

Once we caught up with Aimie Lovett Sommer, she had a ton to say about this collaboration and her efforts put forth in "On Your Side." Working with each other in various ways before, Aimie Lovett Sommer and Xinovia knew they would be the perfect collaborative pair. Several heart-to-hearts were undergone between the two artists in order to hone into the true vision of the song.

"On Your Side" was their debut single as a collaborative pair, and they wanted their testimonies on undying love that exists across the current division. The two go into depth on love, platonic and non-platonic, as well as the importance and impact behind love, and how it will be "On Your Side." It was a beautiful collaboration that we definitely wouldn't mind seeing happen again in the near future!

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