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Spotlight: Alas is Always Evolving as an Artist

Born and raised in East Palo Alto, California, Alas originally moved to Los Angeles in hopes to become a lawyer. Alas completed his undergraduate degree, but when he found himself completing the application for law school, he decided to move his career in a different direction. Since then, Alas has dedicated his life to writing and recording songs as he pursues his true dream to become an artist. He engaged a large number of fans with his first release “You, Me, and Everyone Else” in June 2020, and has continued to evolve since then. Alas recently released an EP “Sweet as Honey melancholy Love Stuff” that showcases his intricate mixture of 90’s Hip-hop, Latino flavors, and a splash of contemporary rap. Sharing his story through his songwriting, Alas welcomes a deeper connection with his fans.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Alas shared why his recent single “Sweet as Honey” has been his favorite release thus far. The California native explains, “It's such a fulfilling experience putting together a project that means so much and is so close to your heart. Not only that, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted now that I've finally released my first EP. I'm super proud of the whole thing from beginning to end, both because of how it sounds but also what it means. I hope that by sharing my story and experiences people can find ways to help themselves if they're in similar situations. Not that I have all the answers, but sometimes all you need to get out of a dark place is knowing that others feel the same way.”

Discover more about Alas, here.

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