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Spotlight: Alex Costova Gives a Voice to His Listeners

Known for fusing flavors of EDM and Soul, the aspiring artist Alex Costova is best known for making the sounds of the summer.

The internationally recognized artist often collaborates with other artists including Shane Violette, Jamara, and J!NX!, which allows him to highlight “something different in each part of the song, which is beautiful.” Combining electronic synths and groovy production with his unforgettable melodies, Alex Costova creates a sense of euphoria with every song.

In addition to creating anthems to help fans forget about the struggles of the past year, Alex Costova weaves an inspiring message into his lyrics. In his most recent release “On My Way,” the infectious artist aims to give a voice to those who are “not able to have a voice and do what they want.”

Hoping to encourage the listener to “fight for what they want in life” Alex Costova continues to release songs that can pose as the soundtrack to a personal comeback.



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