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Spotlight: Alexis Hana Delves Into the Reasoning Behind Her Latest Release, "Savage"

Alexis Hana comes with a ton of surprises, often attributing to her vocal range and tone. She's striking in many regards, and especially so in her song "Savage."

In a recent BuzzMusic interview, Alexis Hana shared that the influence for "Savage" was taken from many varying experiences and events occurring in her life. She wanted to create a single that could be relatable and extend to the lives of many others going through similar circumstances. As a result of writing "Savage," Alexis Hana elaborated that a real sense of clarity was given to her, which offered a therapeutic relief.

Ultimately, Alexis Hana wants listeners to feel uplifted and empowered with "Savage." She wants listeners to have a fun-loving time whilst screaming at the top of their lungs, and we're all for that type of lighthearted energy.

Read more on Alexis Hana's song, "Savage," and her exclusive interview, here.

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