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Spotlight: Bosley Uplifts and Shines With Release of, "Hey, Hey Ramona"

Pop artist Bosley is sharing his life speculations in new, uplifting, and transpiring music. Bosley's latest single release, "Hey, Hey Ramona" came at the height of his personal growth.

After mediating tough obstacles within his career, Bosley decided to refuel himself through music, and thus "Hey, Hey Ramona" was born. The single highlighted his own personal life and rediscovering his true spirit. Bosley has had a huge emotional journey over the years, which is why there's a ton of wisdom and enlightenment offered with his new music.

Once catching up with Bosley, he shared that a large component of his inspiration came from traveling on his own. Bosley is a walking sign of how powerful reflection can be, and how such reflection can lead to a multitude of personal, inner findings.

Bosley isn't planning on stopping his release of authentic expressions any time soon, so readers can most definitely expect more music from this inspirative artist. Stay tuned for his latest album release, "Waves", which features more of his thought-provoking style.

Read more on Bosley and his release of "Hey, Hey Ramona," in his full BuzzMusic interview, here.

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