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Spotlight: Brooke Amor’s Latest Release, “Mannish Girl”

Brooke Amor, the up-and-coming singer/songwriter, and producer residing in sunny LA, and a Herb Albert School of Music student. Even though her early releases were mostly Pop, Brooke has fallen hard for Hip Hop influenced music, a style she has always loved writing. Brooke's writing not only conveys a story but does so in a captivating and outstanding way.

As we dive into "Mannish Girl" the instrumental grabs our attention while Brooke's voice sweeps us away immediately. Throughout "Mannish Girl" Brooke takes us back to her childhood and fondly remembers how her dad would always pick her up when she was down and cheer her up. "Mannish Girl" reveals all the things that set Brooke apart from the rest, and while feeling as if she's on the outside she demonstrates to her audience how she continues to persevere and ensures that she'll end up on top.

In Brooke Amor's latest interview with BuzzMusic, she mentions that heard "Mannish Boy," an original song by Muddy Waters. She then used George Thorogood's guitar riff as a sample to help craft her perfect rendition of the classic. "Lyric-wise, I feel like it’s one of the songs that resonates closest with my actual life and feelings. To me, this song is very lyric-heavy as opposed to relying on the melody." Brooke mentions that she plans to sharpen her producing skills and is currently preparing to release her next couple of records soon.

"Mannish Girl" proves to us once again that Brooke's love for music and creating unique and impactful pieces is stronger than ever and serves as an anthem for anyone else feeling like they are somehow on the sidelines. "Mannish Girl" is available on all major platforms.

Check out the full BuzzMusic review and interview here.


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