Spotlight: Chefboy Tyree Is Here To Inspire You with his music

ChefboyTyree’s music hits on a personal level in so many different ways. With intricate, mystical production that is top-chart worthy, Chefboy can take us to different places with his music. This artist tries to let his creativity meld into the sound that surrounds the areas he grew up in. Based out of Alabama with roots in Pittsburg, Chefboy has current charting placement at #5 on the Mass Pool Hip-Hop chart with his new single, “Thicky Vicky.”

Writing and producing in his bedroom, this artist is a strong advocate for self-confidence. With silky smooth vocals and a flow that drives through the song accentuating every single lyric, Chefboy creates music that his audience didn’t know they were craving until they heard it. Now being signed to Casanova Records, it is clear that the ambition behind him is what drives his success. With goals to travel the world and play music for his biggest fans, Chefboy Tyree will undoubtedly blow your mind with what his music can make you feel.

Be sure to listen to “Thicky Vicky” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chefboy Tyree! Your newest release “Thicky Vicky” is all about self-confidence, what inspired you to write a song that told this story and gave motivation?

I was inspired to write this song because I myself have felt this exact way many times! 

Looking at beauty from a distance and never saying anything. Hopefully, this gives someone 

the confidence to shoot their shot at a girl they been stuck on for a long time!

The backing beat of “Thicky Vicky” has incredibly thundering 808’s and a mystical synth bell, what was the inspiration behind coming up with these parts? What is your creation process typically like for creating a song?

One of my go-to producers came up with this beat and I knew I wanted it the moment I heard it.  My creative process is usually me sitting in my home studio making a beat from scratch, listening to it over and over on repeat, and a song just coming to me. This track was different. I was going through his list of beats and this one stuck out to me and almost immediately I started singing the lyrics for "Thicky Vicky" which is heavily influenced by one of my favorite cartoons growing up "Fairly Odd Parents".

It’s very exciting to be signed to a record label, especially Casanova Records, how has joined a label helped the growth of your career and aided the process of creating music as an artist?

Since being apart of Casanova Records promoting my music and getting projects to more ears has never been easier! Ed takes a lot of time out of his day shopping music around to different Djs and networking through a lot of stuff I myself am not ever familiar with. I couldn't be more grateful to have such an awesome opportunity. Being a part of a label like Casanova Records allows me to spend a lot more time creating and laying down new music knowing all the other odds and ends will be taken care of! Its a blessing! 

Being from Alabama and having roots in Pittsburg, how has the sound of each city influenced the music that you are creating? Do you ever feel yourself trying to break free from that sound and try something new?

Being both from Salem, AL, and Pittsburgh, PA I feel almost forced to create a certain type of sound to appease these areas and the types of music they listen to. Pittsburgh has many artists that created the Pittsburgh sound everyone is used to and Alabama is very heavily influenced by the Atlanta dirty south trap sound. I find myself almost somewhere in between. I try to go for both sounds while also switching it up and staying true to what I love. 

What are some of your goals to achieve in 2020?

My main goal of 2020 is for my music to take me places that I have never gone to before. I want to see the world around me and I want to play shows in places where my music has reached people. I want to look out into a crowd and see someone reciting my own lyrics back to me! That's my main goal.