Spotlight: Chefboy Tyree Is Here To Inspire You with his music

ChefboyTyree’s music hits on a personal level in so many different ways. With intricate, mystical production that is top-chart worthy, Chefboy can take us to different places with his music. This artist tries to let his creativity meld into the sound that surrounds the areas he grew up in. Based out of Alabama with roots in Pittsburg, Chefboy has current charting placement at #5 on the Mass Pool Hip-Hop chart with his new single, “Thicky Vicky.”

Writing and producing in his bedroom, this artist is a strong advocate for self-confidence. With silky smooth vocals and a flow that drives through the song accentuating every single lyric, Chefboy creates music that his audience didn’t know they were craving until they heard it. Now being signed to Casanova Records, it is clear that the ambition behind him is what drives his success. With goals to travel the world and play music for his biggest fans, Chefboy Tyree will undoubtedly blow your mind with what his music can make you feel.

Be sure to listen to “Thicky Vicky” here.