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Spotlight: Cory Singer Takes the Listener on a Lyrical Journey

When it comes to a career in the arts, aspiring musician Cory Singer is no stranger to what it takes to make it in this world.

The multi-talented artist is a singer-songwriter, TikTok influencer, and musical theatre performer who uses his growing platform to spread an important message. Inspired by various genres and artists – anything from Queen to Neal Young to Kandi Burruss – Cory Singer incorporates diverse sounds by taking advantage of traditional instrumentation and modern engineering.

As someone living with autism, Cory Singer has endured many challenges when it came to finding people who love and accept him for exactly who he is. He draws inspiration from his own experiences and emotions to create a storytelling journey for fans, which allows them to understand his struggles on a deeper level.

While the TikTok star’s situation is unique, fans from many backgrounds will be able to connect to the exhausting endeavors of finding that special someone.

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