Spotlight: Crow Buntry's New Release, “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More"

Crow Buntry a group of hard-rocking country outlaws that creates music that runs wild. Their carefree attitude in the music is one of those that makes you want to get out to a bar with your best pals and go drinking for the whole night. This is especially true in their latest release “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More”, this song just makes us feel like getting reckless and getting out and having a good time. This release is one of those that you start a group chant and singing about the last gal that took everything and left.

“Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More” features a classic campfire acoustic guitar, a honking harmonica, a perfectly twangy electric guitar with classic country riffs, a downtempo kinda bluesy drum kit, and an every so laid back vocal performance that instantly grabs your attention and keeps you hooked throughout the record. To complement the release of “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More” is an incredible comedic and borderline genius music video, this video is exactly how you would expect a group of friends singing at a bar about their heartache but with the lego twist. The story and video are entirely created with lego and we could not get enough of how charming that was. We are absolutely thrilled about this release and cannot wait to hear what else Crow Buntry is creating.

Be sure to check out “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Crow Buntry! We can’t get enough of your honkin' new tune “Drink A Little Less”, we are getting that heartache vibe from this. What was your initial inspiration behind writing this release? How do you connect with the lyrics personally?

Well thanks, y’all! Who ain’t felt some heartache in their life? The initial inspiration was to tell the story about someone fallin’ on the downhill side of love. That part where ya let go, take yer licks and learn yer lessons.

The whole vibe going on here is full of carefree vibes, is that something you had in mind during the writing? How did this song come to life? Did it start with the music or the lyrics?

This song came together in one short writing session with Crenshaw, Mag, and Rudolph. We kinda wrote the lyrics and music at the same time. It’s easy for songs about love and loss to get serious so we absolutely wanted to keep it light and catchy. The guitar solo and Uncle Dick Buntry lendin’ his voice on the track brought it to life!

The video for “Smoke A Little Less” was astoundingly hilarious to watch we loved it. How did you film it? Did you create every lego set yourself? How did you think of this idea?

When we first started the project we wanted to be able to have as many artists and writers contribute as possible. The lego characters allow us to create and not worry about image or trends. The importance of humor is huge in the country music genre and recently some of that humor has seemed stale and forced. We built all the lego sets and got the lego boys in front of a green screen to create! There will be plenty more of the lego characters backstories comin’ soon!

With having such a unique tune and video, what do you think the target demographic for this release is? How do you think this release has helped shaped the sound of Crow Buntry but also helped evolve the whole genre of Honkin Country?

We think the targeted demographic is anyone who loves good country music and needs a shot glass of laughter in the dark times we are dealing with! As a band, we pride ourselves on diversity and use different lead singers on each of our first four tunes. We ain’t trying to one-up ourselves with each release, we’re just trying to tell fun relatable stories.

This release has shaped the roots of Crow Buntry. We’re of the mind that evolution is organic and as long as we keep doin’ what we’re doin’, the tunes will pave that road for us. We are more concerned with dancin’ to the tune of our own fiddle than worryin’ about genre and evolutions.

What can we expect to hear next from Crow Buntry?

We got a song coming out in early May called Whiskey Dick Picnic that we are jumping circles around the wagons to release! Thank y’all so much for your time n may your bottles never be empty n hearts be forever full!