Spotlight: DAM3 Is Here for His Fans

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, DAM3 now resides in Prison City’s Huntsville, Texas where he has founded his own record label MONARCH3 Records.

Having grown up in Houston, the budding artist has experienced more than his fair share of loss and betrayal. The haunting struggles of his past are what fuels DAM3 in his career as an artist today as he reflects on his life through introspective songwriting.

Influenced by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Lil Skies, and J. Cole, DAM3 aims to connect with his fans through motivational sounds and reflective messages. With hopes to target those listeners that find themselves feeling hopeless, DAM3 consistently provides a sense of validation and encouragement.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, DAM3 expressed what influenced the message behind his recent release “Nobody.” The aspiring artist explained “A lot of how this song was created stemmed from my own pain and reflecting on the passings of my family and friends. We all know these past 2 years have been hell for us, and it was no less than a tragedy for me.

I produced the beat 2 years ago never expected to finish the final version the way I did. I needed to try something different and tell a story of what I really went through alternating the perspectives of what death and women put me through growing up. I wanted something my peers can listen to and not feel like they’re alone in any sense. I just want people to feel secure in their own head when they hear my experiences in ‘Nobody.'”

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