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Spotlight: Desarae Dee

As a fusion pianist with a spontaneous musical style, Desarae Dee electrifies the musical scene with her new single “Change is Good."

This Toronto native has created a jazz single that delivers electrifying synths and captivating lyrics in each unconventional melody.

With the collaboration with Becca Toft, this new trumpet sound will uplift listeners and encourage them to embrace all the changes that happen within life.

The vibrance within this track instills an inner hopefulness as each euphoric note practically leaps out of the music as it comes to life.

Compared to other spontaneous artists like Robert Glasper, she is able to combine various styles to create unique chord structures.

Desarae Dee is known to capture the hearts of anyone who has the gift of listening to her music and with a purely instrumental canvas to build her lyrics off of, she is able to illuminate a lyrical fire that provokes thoughts of anyone seeking change.

Discover more about Desarae Dee, and her new single, "Change Is Good," here.



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