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Spotlight: Dive Deep Within Your Soul With Hip/Hop Artist J Saucy

Remember Hip/Hop artist J Saucy? Well, it's about time one becomes familiar with this Bay Area artist as his creative mindset is ever-growing, meaning listeners are receiving a contemporary-infused cultural reset.

J Saucy's main artistic goal is to bridge together disparate sound styles and create a product that functions in harmony. His latest project, titled "Trejo's", was inspired by a variety of obstacles he endured throughout life, and the song was meant to serve as J Saucy's outlet.

"Trejo's" had the purpose of being therapeutic by turning pain into melodic harmonies. This actual song release from J Saucy exemplified a new perspective from him, as his musical style is typically more contentious. He wanted his music to be a pedestal for all those listening ears that have once felt overlooked, forgotten, or mistreated. J Saucy has a bright light within himself and his music, allowing his messages to flourish with positivity, amidst them being born in hardship.

Check out J Saucy's full BuzzMusic article here, covering more intimate details on "Trejo's," here.


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