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Spotlight: Dive into an Atmosphere of Acoustic Poetry with Faae

Moving from Boston to Orlando, singer-songwriter Faae is brand new to the pop scene. She immediately hooks her fans with her authentic acoustic serenades that inspire pop-country tenderness. Her harmonious vocals embrace the listener with a wave of serenity as she shares her stories through imaginative songwriting.

Growing up, Faae had always had an interest in creative writing, which she used as an outlet to cultivate her emotions into poetry. Once she delved into the practice of guitar, Faae realized that her two talents could fit together in a refreshing synergy. Cultivating the heartbreak and nuances she experienced during 2020, once Faae began to write her first song “In Another Lifetime, Loser,” nothing could hold her passion back.

After a savory taste of what this young artist will bring to the table with her first studio single, fans can anticipate the release of Faae’s debut EP later this year. The entire EP has been projected to address the emphasis of self-care and self-respect.




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