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Spotlight: Dominick James Continues to Evolve as an Artist

Returning to BuzzMusic with his recent release “bittersweet,” Pop singer-songwriter Dominick James continues to evolve as an artist.

Based in Pennsylvania, it is the young artist’s mission statement to remain true to himself, and he hopes to spread this motivational message through each of his songs. By revealing his authentic self through raw and honest lyrics within each new release, Dominick James creates a meaningful bond with the listener.

Dominick James finds himself the most inspired for his songwriting process when he is sitting in his studio with the window wide open and a cold brew in his hand. With the rhythmic and youthful energy that he brings to every song, it is not difficult to picture him drawing inspiration from the sounds of people bustling around outside. Fans have become entranced by Dominick James’s charm and ability to connect with the listener on a deeper level through each song.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Dominick James addressed his evolution as an artist by stating “I believe I evolve every day. I try to take my past experiences and learn from them to become a better person, let alone a better songwriter. Since writing bittersweet I’ve been taking a different approach lyrically so stay tuned!”

Discover more about Dominick James, here.

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