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Spotlight: Ellarra Gets Real on One-Way Relationships

Canadian singer/songwriter Ellarra has been integrated into the music scene ever since the young age of five. With a vibrant musical mindset, nothing could stunt Ellarra's artistic growth, as her creativity only continues to advance with her age.

When Ellarra was featured on BuzzMusic, we highlighted her single explorative single release, "Peace of Mind and You." The song was rooted in a jazz-influenced production that brought a ton of warmth to her song.

Lyrically, "Peace of Mind and You" was Ellarra's outlet to express her potent thoughts and emotions surrounding a one-way romantic relationship. She elaborates on love and the non-reciprocation of it. Sharing her vulnerable and challenging experiences, Ellarra hopes that listeners can hold onto any helpful elements the song brings forward, and hopefully, experience the closure that she was able to receive from writing the song.

Read the full BuzzMusic article and exclusive interview on Ellarra here.

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