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Spotlight: Emerging Canadian Hip Hop Artist Yung Lavish

Emerging Canadian artist Yung Lavish flows together infectious lyrics and instrumentals in her newest single, “Vivid Memories.” Her unique personal rap sound has allowed her to connect aspects of her distinct culture with her powerful energy.

Due to being brought up around other producers and talented creators, Lavish felt an encouraging push within to be the best at her craft and never take her foot off the gas, which influences and motivated each of her captivating lyrics instrumentals.

Her vocal confidence encourages her listeners to act in the same ways as her and take risks in any experience they encounter. It is clear Vivid Memories is full of a strong inner purpose that has Yung Lavish “taking risks and speaking her mind.”

Her first EP mix-tape is set to drop later this year and is sure to be even more powerful and motivating as she continues to build off of her amazing energy.


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