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Spotlight: Emilio Hinojosa

As an artist who streams from border towns of Mexico and the United States, diverse cultures and music were very common for Emilio Hinjosa. His newest track “Part of Me” shines a light on this aspect of his personality and how much he has given to expanding his music career.

This track instrumentation begins delicately with acoustic guitar chords creating a warm embrace and emotion. Hinojosa embodies a raw utopia within his sound and as the song continues to flow listeners are shown his sense of maturity and profound musical writing ability.

“Part of Me” embodies a road of life in which your trials and hardships steer you towards faith and life's deeper meaning. The vulnerability and honesty expressed through this piece shows listeners the relief that is felt when being truthful and how to take inspiration from it and move forward.

Emilio Hinojosa wants listeners to immerse themselves in this track and let their feelings come forward as he sings of his raw emotion.

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