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Spotlight: Emily Brooks Shares Her Holiday Spirit

Bringing her fans a dazzling 60s style energy, Emily Brooks is a thriving new artist who has recently released a nostalgic Christmas carol called “Home Is Where The Heart Is.”

Emily Brooks is the type of artist who can create a romantic story inside the head of the listener that adheres to all of the senses. She often collaborates with instrumental producer Wes Styles and percussionist Eli Hludzik.

The team has recently switched to completing recording sessions at Wes’ in-home studio where the masterpieces are made. For her songwriting process, Emily Brooks will mess around with her guitar as she experiments with different chord progressions. Once she finds a sound that truly speaks to her, she’ll begin to build from there.

As she vibes along with the organic instrumentations she creates, EmilyBrooks will allow her melodies and lyrics to flow naturally.

Drawing inspiration from her deeper emotions, she always reflects her authentic self through each release. Fans will find themselves swept up in the Holiday Spirit the moment as Emily Brooks takes them on a journey of passionate ups and downs.

Discover more about Emily Brooks here.



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