Spotlight: Get Lost in the Classic Southern Roots from Crow Buntry

Crow Buntry isn’t just a group of best pals, they are the culmination of outlaws, bandits, and vaqueros who make music that makes you want to get out and have the best time possible with your buds and laugh about the last gal you had. This comes especially true in their latest release “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More”, their use of folk, country, and western elements make for an experience that will transport you to your favorite bar and reminiscing of your last love, the downfall of it while still keeping a good fun vibe.

It is clear while listening to Crow Buntry’s music how natural it comes to them. There is a natural human element in their music that comes from deep in the soul and is even told by the band themselves that the music and lyrics were written at the same time. To further keep Crow Buntry’s theme of being carefree and all about having fun, the band decided to create the music video for “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More" using stop motion Lego to be free from any trends and have fun with their imagination. Crow Buntry aims to release their upcoming single "Whiskey Dick Picnic” early May and tells us there will be more Lego backstories to come. We can’t wait to hear what is coming in the next chapter of Crow Buntry.

Kick it back to “Drink A Little Less, Smoke A Little More” here. #BUZZMUSIC