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Spotlight: Get Your Listening Ears Ready for Hunter Blair Ambrose

Hunter Blair Ambrose is a New York-based Singer/Songwriter who is able to quickly garner attention and attract listening ears to her emotion-packed music. The last time we caught up with Hunter, we discovered her single release, "Too Much."

Hunter Blair Ambrose intended for the song to encapsulate authentic emotionality surrounding personal hardships and realizations. Themes of mental health and unhealthy coping mechanisms are brought to light, and listeners are granted the opportunity to understand Hunter Blair Ambrose in a more thorough way.

Apart from her latest single release, listeners can get excited for Hunter Blair Ambrose's upcoming album, titled "Scorpio Season." The album is set to release in October of this year, with three more singles being pushed from the album in the near future.

We can appreciate Hunter Blair Ambrose's hustle, especially since she has a ton of wisdom to impart to listeners. Her music isn't ample with fillers; she takes the intricate time to design each and every lyric, affection, and intention.

Next up for Hunter Blair Ambrose is her 80s-themed summer pop single that contains a Hollywood-esque music video. We're left in pure anticipation for whichever visuals Hunter Blair Ambrose will deliver, as we know the execution will be just on point as her latest single was.

Check out more on Hunter Blair Ambrose and her BuzzMusic article, here.

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