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Spotlight: Gina Owens Dives Headfirst Into the World of Country Music

Coming at us from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 26-year-old Gina Owens is enriching her career in the arts as she becomes a full-fledged independent singer and songwriter. The country artist discovered her passion for music early in life; at the age of six, Gina Owens began performing to just about anyone who would listen. She officially started her first band called “Fire Angels” with her fourth-grade friends where they would write original songs during their recess, and later perform in front of their classmates. After many more talent shows, school plays, and even national pageant stages, Gina Owens directed her life towards a career as an independent country artist. With the release of her debut single “Take Him Home,” which is available on all platforms, Gina Owens is beginning to win over fans with her charismatic personality and storytelling lyrics. Taking advantage of traditional country instrumentation, Gina Owens her contagious passion and catchy melodies will be memorable to new fans as she begins to make a name for herself in the world of country music.



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