Spotlight: J. Messiah Strives for What’s Right in His Music

J. Messiah is one of those artists who can naturally gather the audience's attention at a show, even as an opener for someone J. Messiah is someone who will have you gasping for more after the first word said. Something true in J. Messiah's release "Fccc," using personal influences and stories that allow J. Messiah to craft together a musical but engaging performance. It is clear how much attention to detail J. Messiah puts into his work, using music as an outlet to share his insight and effects on modern racism to help further strive for what's right.

J. Messiah isn't stopping either, he continues to grow as an artist and writer from every single release, and we can't get enough of how far he has come. Every lyric that J. Messiah shares with us is instantly able to resonate and move us; it's an experience that would be hard to forget. At his core, J. Messiah is a storyteller, drawing influence from the hip-hop golden age, and then mixing it with his personal experiences allows for a profoundly intimate experience. J. Messiah is focussing on delivering us more EP's and single, and we cannot wait to hear what will be coming next from this poet.

Be sure to listen to "Fccc" here. #BUZZMUSIC