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Spotlight: Jacky Jack’s Debut EP, “Disco Drip”

Belgium electronic artist Jacky Jack transports us to the future with a new EP - taking you on an unforgettable journey.

Hispanic and Belgium-based singer and songwriter Jacky Jack has emerged with a taste for innovation in an ever-expanding electronic music category. Following his previous collaboration, Jacky Jack releases his debut project, "Disco Drip," creating a space for himself in a highly competitive electronic genre.

Taken to a place we've never been, "Disco Drip" opens with a heavy mash-up of hip-hop and electronic sounds, bringing a new wave to the scene. The tempo and melodic synthesizers deliver a catchy groove to get you dancing and in a euphoric mood.

In Jacky Jack's latest interview with BuzzMusic, we asked him where he drew his inspiration for this new venture. He mentioned how the words "Drip" & "Disco" are two separate realms uniquely fused to create a fresh, unique sound appealing to both universes—a clever way to expand his target market and generate more die-hard fans.

"This EP invites listeners to an immersive musical experience in a captivating blend of electronic and pop music driven by rich basslines and floating synthesizer melodies". "Disco Drip" marks the beginning of Jacky Jack's new direction, sound, and futuristic aesthetics, which we are incredibly excited to receive and share with you.

Read the full article and interview with the border-breaking Jacky Jack and his debut EP "Disco Drip" here.


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