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Spotlight: Jazz Garcelle Is Intoxicated by Love

R&B-soul/pop artist and singer-songwriter Jazz Garcelle has released her new track “Intoxicated." This meaningful and romantic track inspires us to find love in our own lives. Aside from music, Jazz Garcelle is part of the Beautiful, Brown, Bold Organization which supports truth and equality, and says her brand is centered around “perseverance, ambition, confidence, and women's empowerment."

Jazz Garcelle taps into this deep passion to make the listener groove along to the downtempo sonics. Her vocal stylings make it impossible to stop listening. The track opens up with a pulsating vocal sample and a pumping kick drum. Piano melodies, harmonies, and lyrics describing unconditional love keep us in a trance.

We’re able to find ourselves in her lyrics and draw parallels to the love in our lives. Jazz describes it as “it was art imitating life for this song”. Therefore, she hopes that those struggling with obstacles in their lives can find strength in her music.

Discover more about Jazz Garcelle, here.

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