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Spotlight: Katasha J And Her Flattering New Single, “Coming Back”

Katasha J is an emerging r&b recording artist, pianist, and singer-songwriter Katasha J with her smooth-sailing and heartfelt new single, "Coming Back."

Katasha grew up listening to music that influenced her to create her own; many impacted her, including Brandy and Mariah Carey. She's also a trained vocalist and a classically trained musician. Katasha J is ready to continue evolving with her sweet new tunes like her recent "Coming Back." It's a charming, warm-hearted piece that opens profound emotions about loving someone.

Expanding on "Coming Back," the record smoothly opens with lush piano melodies and soft snaps over the top of Katasha J's background vocals. Then, as we hop into the smooth-sailing r&b verse, Katasha releases the most vibrant vocal melodies while sharing her troubles with a tumultuous relationship, one that always leaves her "Coming Back" for more.

Her passion in this song seeps deep through our ears, thanks to her tender instrumentals alongside the relaxed production and her very wistful vocal performance. This song is bound to take you back to the prime eras of r&b, especially as Katasha J's vocal melodies continue dancing through the song while unleashing the utmost relatable lyrics.

Catch Katasha J's exclusive BuzzMusic interview and review of her latest blooming release, "Coming Back", here.


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