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Spotlight: Kay Soul Shares a Crucial Message

Not only is Kay Soul dripping with talent within the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist, but she is also an aspiring model. The multi-faceted artist established her passion for the arts while growing up in Chicago, where she began writing her own music in elementary school. It was at the young age of 19 that Kay Soul officially recorded her debut solo track, and her R&B career has only been propelling upwards since then.

Kay's musical personality is simply contagious as she emanates passion and charisma towards her fans. Kay Soul pays tribute to old-school R&B sounds with every track and adds her own contemporary spices to construct a unique flavor of the genre. When it comes to lyricism, Kay Soul has no problem sharing her authentic self with fans. She opens up and allows the listener to visualize the inner workings of her heart and soul, which reminds fans that they are not alone in their feelings. By truly embracing vulnerability within her songwriting, Kay Soul encourages honesty and authenticity from the listener.

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