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Spotlight: Kill My Coquette Fuses New Wave and Old-school Rock

Living the prosperous life of a model and actress, known for her appearances on the hit show ‘Two and a Half Men,’ was just the stepping-stone into Natalie Denise Sperl’s fully developed and versatile career in the arts.

After attending just one Social Distortion concert, the motivated artist was inspired to develop her own rock band. She dove headfirst into the journey to form Kill my Coquette; beginning with teaching herself to play guitar, and eventually recruiting members Adam Smith as lead guitarist and Mike Evans as the group’s bassist. Following a collaboration with writer Sperl and producer Danny McGough, Kill My Coquette was armed with their self-titled debut EP which first introduced their unique sound to the world

The band has a knack for leading the listener on an energetic journey that changes dynamically throughout each track as they fuse aspects of new wave and old-school rock. With the ultimate goal of producing infectious anthems that fans can’t help but sing along to, Kill My Coquette will be ringing in the heads of the listener for days.


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