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Spotlight: Mali Ama Embraces Vulnerability

Coming at us from Atlanta, creative singer and songwriter Mali Ama is pushing the limits of emotion with the release of her fourth studio single “Oh My.”

The rising artist draws inspiration from diverse genres including R&B, alternative, and pop. With her symphonic instrumentations and groovy percussion lines, Mali Ama ultimately creates a soulful sonic experience that is sure to stand out within the realm of modern R&B.

Mali Ama showcases an essence of old-school style with the organic beauty of string instruments, but she is sure to layer a synth or groovy drum line to keep her songs unique and contemporary.

The Atlanta musician emits a contagious personality through her passionate vocals as she serenades the listener with ethereal harmonies. When it comes to songwriting, MaliAma taps into her emotion and expresses her true feelings within a story.

Through her poetic lyricism, she embraces vulnerability and bares her true self, which invites the listener to truly connect to her music.

Discover more about Mali Ama, here.


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