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Spotlight: Mirror Takes Us Through the Back Ends of His Latest Song, "Baby"

If you're in need of an electronically-infused pop experience, then Mirror's latest track, "Baby", is the harmony for you.

As a Los Angeles-based artist, Mirror is always confronting the limits of his sound. "Baby" was the most recent contender, and Mirror worked to ensure that this single contained an eclectic sound so that listeners would be transfixed by the contemporary elements.

"Baby" was actually created by Mirror on somewhat of a whim. In hopes of creating a pop ballad that would serve the introduction of his EP, "Baby" ended up taking on an entirely different direction. The production is meant to be as eccentric as it is so that it inspires spontaneity within listeners.

Mirror wanted the listening community to understand a disparate side of his artistry, and ultimately to have a blast with the dance-like energy presented in the song. Going forward, listeners can expect Mirror to incorporate many different genre elements into his music, so stay tuned for an eccentric delivery from this multi-faceted artist.

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