Spotlight: Nitasha Randhawa Sparks Positivity With New Debut EP

Canadian artist Nitasha Randhawa has always had a strong adoration for music. With her involvement in musical theatre during childhood, Nitasha Randhawa found her ultimate passion with songwriting and singing. Fast-forward a few years, and now the music industry is seeing the release of her self-titled debut EP, which featured a collection of tracks that display her mindset, heart, and devotion with ease.

Once we had a chance to catch up with Nitasha Randhawa, she elaborated that the release of her EP came as a result of her breaking out of her comfort zone. Amidst many present obstacles, Nitasha Randhawa only used her pain to fuel her music, driving strong themes that represent her persona into each and every song. Her EP was meant to be a conversation with herself, where she shares pivotal pieces of wisdom regarding life, and how to live it in a fulfilling manner.

Nitasha Randhawa's personal favorite from the EP? "Feel Less Shy," (which is our personal favorite too). Ultimately, Nitasha Randhawa's mission is to uplift and transpire listeners to reconnect with themselves, and in doing so, live a more positive life.

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