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Spotlight: Neomi's, "I Hope You Know"

Montreal-based pop/rock, singer-songwriter Neomi has released her new emotionally charged single “I Hope You Know”. She uses her incredible vocal ability to belt lyrics describing the betrayal and disappointment after her first heartbreak at 17.

Neomi uses a combination of bright piano melody and short electric guitar pulses to start. The mid-tempo beat explodes into the chorus and introduces her powerful vocals, striking an emotional cord. Neomi combined her talents with producer Jessie Zito to transform a traditional pop song into one with a pop/rock twist, garnering her success.

She describes the songwriting process as “a little difficult, a little painful, kind of like a therapy session”, but credits this in being able to create a genuine song listeners identify with. Looking towards the future Neomi is inspired to continue being authentic to herself in the pop/rock genre.

Discover more about Neomi, here


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