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Spotlight: Paul Hernandez

Singer-Songwriter Paul Hernandez brings listeners back to the good old days in his new track “94 Altima.”

Being recognized as one of IHeartRadio’s emerging artists, Hernandez's innovative melodies and combination of styles inspire individuals to connect with their vulnerable side.

This track holds energetic bursts to create an upbeat melody while the catchy vocals are able to connect a high atmosphere tune with a warm and personal message. The authenticity shown by Paul Hernandez in “94 Altima” helps listeners to become a part of his story and clearly note how much his relationship with his father impacted his life.

He mentioned in an interview the importance of being able to change lives and make noise as an artist and with the catchy nature of this tune Hernandez is sure to be making a lot of noise. We can not wait to see how he continues to grow in 2021.

Discover our recent interview with Paul Hernandez here.

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