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Spotlight: PxRRY's Letting Listeners Know He's "Grown"

PxRRY strives to smash boundaries within the music industry, and he begins by elevating the current genre his music contributes to R&B/Hip-Hop.

The release of his 5-track EP garnered some quality attention, especially when looking at the EP's outro track, "Grown." PxRRY explored the depths of emotionalism within "Grown," and shared a vulnerable subset of thoughts and feelings to any willing listener.

During his exclusive interview, PxRRY shared that he intended for "Grown" to be simplistic with its effect. PxRRY made the strategic choice to make the track the last one on his EP, as he wanted listeners to be fully prepared for what he has in store next.

"Grown" inevitably prepares listeners for exactly what PxRRY has in store for the music world. With another single ready to be released, PxRRY is proving he's a force that can't be stopped and we're perfectly willing to let the artist build his career even further.

Check out our recent interview with PxRRY, here.

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