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Spotlight: Recapping Chasemill$ "Can't Lose U"

Chasemill$ is at it again with his modern and dynamic Hip/hop flair. With his Philadelphia roots, one can most definitely hear the quality elements of his songs, and especially so with his latest release, "Can't Lose U."

During his exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Chasemill$ elaborated that he wanted "Can't Lose U" to have fiery and impassioned energy. Lyrically, he wanted his listeners to understand that dwelling on the past can be unhealthy and lead to consequences.

When taking a general look at the advancement of Chasemill$ and his artistry, one will see that he had traveled a long way to reach the current mindset and talent he has today. With some much-needed gained clarity, Chasemill$ was able to hone into the individual he wanted to be and make music that articulates his own personal thoughts.

In his future work, you can expect Chasemill$ to bring in various genres, as the artist has expressed interest in working within the Dancehall, Soul, and Pop music scene.

Catch the full BuzzMusic x Chasemill$ article and interview here.


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