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Spotlight: Recapping Zhanara's Latest Release, "Keeping me in the dark"

Today we're offering a recap on electronic hip/hop artist Zhanara's latest single release, "Keeping me in the dark," if you haven't already read her full BuzzMusic article here.

"Keeping me in the dark" featured the typical addicting, flavourful, and sensual style that Zhanara adheres to. Her song is strongly rooted in the modern hip/hop music scene, offering foundational pop-inspired melodies and tones. Her voice is harmonious on many levels and her intention was to create an infectious rhythm that easily got stuck inside its listener's heads.

During her exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Zhanara shared that she played around with some vocal effects in "Keeping me in the dark," which was able to create the kind of atmosphere the song manifested. She wanted listeners to feel the energy behind the song's narrative, which surrounded toxic relationships and the realities of dealing with such hardships within them.

Listeners can look forward to the future work of Zharnara, which includes a music video for her new track, "I am a woman," sometime in October.


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