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Spotlight: Reese Taylor Connects With her Listeners

Based in sunny California, Reese Taylor is a singer, songwriter, and producer who uses her growing platform to connect with listeners on an emotional level. In addition to her musical talent where she writes, composes, and produces her original soundscapes, the multifaceted artist works as an active philanthropist. Reese Taylor maintains a relationship with her community by running two non-profit organizations and simultaneously advocating for Lyme Disease awareness.

Since the dawn of her career, the blossoming artist has been steadily making waves in the industry with each release. Her debut EP “Focus” kickstarted her career after accumulating over 100k streams. The rising star draws inspiration from her own experiences to paint emotional pictures of her own life journeys through her songwriting.

In her recent single “Over Under,” Reese Taylor delved into the complexities of long-distance relationships, and the difficulties of navigating personal connections through the lockdown. With her authentic honesty layered within witty lyrics, Reese Taylor gives her listeners stories that they can relate to, making everyone feel a little bit less lonely.



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