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Spotlight: Self-Reflect with Sonic Storyteller Marina Bennett

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Marina Bennett is a heartfelt singer-songwriter who brings her illuminating stories to life through her music.

After recently collaborating with Oahu-native Drew Henmi to release the radiating single “Another Way to Fly,” many fans are on board with Marina Bennett’s charismatic musical persona as they eagerly await any future releases. With sophisticated vocals and captivating melodies, the Canadian artist is unforgettable as she takes the listener on an emotional journey through her thought-provoking lyricism. During her collaboration with Drew Henmi, the pair displayed angelic harmonies that will continue ringing in the ears of the listener long after the song.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Marina Bennett and Drew Henmi describe the meaning behind the lyrics of their recent release “Another Way to Fly.” Marina Bennett explains, “‘Another Way to Fly’ represents finding freedom through the simple necessities of love and connection--this might be with a person, a song, a place, a dream, or a fleeting moment in time that we stay connected to and appreciate while it's happening...we ultimately wanted to create a song that feels like you're soaring above the busy worried and hurried thoughts of the mind and inspires us to stay in the now, seeing all the beauty there is around us that elevates our state if we look for it.”

Discover more in our recent interview with Marina Bennett, here.


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