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Spotlight: Sofia Stanley, the 17 Years Old Passionate Pop Artist

At only 17 years old, passionate pop artist Sofia Stanley is using her strong, confident vocal ability to grab the attention of listeners all across the world. With her newly released single “Why?."

Stanley touches on the silver linings that occur even through life’s unfortunate events. The combination of powerhouse vocals and prevailing tenors will have listeners on the edge of their seats as they become captivated by the melodic bliss within Stanley’s euphoric harmony. Each musical aspect builds towards the finale that is “Why?.”

Being influenced by an uncomfortable, awkward day at work Stanley wrote “Why?” in order to get these feelings out of her system and on paper. In a short 3 hours, this song was created with the ability to relate to listeners of all ages on a sincere level.

Pairing together a slow-tempo kick drum with dominant vocals, Sophia Stanley is making her mark in the music industry at a very young age and shows no signs of slowing down.

Discover more about Sofia Stanley here.

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