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Spotlight: The Authentic And Fearless RoxEva And Her Latest Masterpiece, “88”

RoxEva has been on a mission to connect with humanity and inspire them to stay galactic and live unapologetically, speaking their truth, and transforming her sea-side poetry into songs and lyrics. Her diverse production, wicked lyricism, and surreal and ethereal sounds are sure to take you somewhere special in your imagination.

With mystique, RoxEva displays a haunting yet slightly melancholic style to the table, making for a gripping listening experience. Examining her spiritual journey through these hypnotic sounds, RoxEva reminds us that "88" is the lion's portal and that she's no stranger to connecting with divine sources. However, this profoundly engaging tune walks the line between this realm and the next.

Making her spirituality known through her expressive and conceptual lyrics makes you ponder on what reality is as a whole. So when you're feeling down and out, remind yourself of RoxEva's spiritual journey and your inner power.

In RoxEva's latest interview with BuzzMusic, she explains that "88" is based on her journey, "divinely guided to pull me out the darkness and see the world in a whole new way", but as she progresses, "88" begins to have a more robust and deeper meaning. "I wanted it to sound galactic, wicked, and healing at the same time".

Being able to describe the feeling perfectly over a well-created piece of production produced by Kashiz King - beautifully coating this record with her intricate lyricism. "I am inspired by all artists," - says RoxEva. She mentions some of the artists she grew up listening to that she still listens to this day. Pink Floyd, Wutang, and Jewel, just to mention a few.

Read the full article with the intergalactic RoxEva and her latest expressive release, "88," here.


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