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Spotlight: The Grind Never Stops with Kidgoten

Jaiden Lovett is a young rapper from Tulsa who began making waves in his hometown by freestyling to his small Instagram audience.

His fan base began to grow with his talents and he eventually released his first single “Fiji” in 2018 under his rapper alias Kidgoten. Since then, the Oklahoma artist has reached over 200,000 streams on all platforms from his debut album “Kidgoten New Era.”

Best known for the dynamic vibrance he brings to each verse, it is clear to fans that rapping is Kidgoten's first language. He has recently opted to take a break from producing new music this year so he can cultivate his other talents. He has officially started his own record label which is set to release his first artist Chefuno’s debut album.

Additionally, Kidgoten is branching out into the production industry as he works on some movies and shows that may come to light later this year. With an artistic rebrand being planned this summer, we can expect new music from the young artist by early 2022.



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