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Spotlight: The Qwarks Have a Meaningful Message for Their Fans

Merging the worlds of psychedelic rock and proto-punk, The Qwarks are cruising through from Brighton, UK, where the trio first embarked on their musical journey. During the lockdown of 2020, Phil Johnstone, Simon Young, and Nick Flowers refused to let the boredom set in and decided to form their rock band. Channeling their energy and emotion into their music, each member brings a unique and charismatic talent to the table.

Keeping their fans thoughtful, The Qwarks always have a deeper message behind their words. With their latest single “Terrible Boo Boo,” an English saying that describes ‘an ignominious faux pas endangering social approbation,’ they delve into the social constructs created by a society that mask one’s primal instincts.

The Qwarks take advantage of their growing platform to emphasize intrinsic desires for existential freedoms that are often squashed by corrective punishments, humiliations, and expectations. In addition to challenging the everyday thoughts of their listeners and encouraging introspection, The Qwarks focus their time on raising awareness of animals in captivity and fighting to free them.


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