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Spotlight: Vicious Vic and His Adventures in, ‘The City’

Hip-hop artist, rapper, songwriter, and owner of ‘Beanie Season Records’ from Seattle, ViciousVic has released his hard-hitting new single ‘The City.'

This track displays some of Vic’s best thought out bars and most confident vocal delivery. All of this makes it a stand-out summer anthem. The track opens up with an electric synth arrangement, which introduces a powerful drum beat. Vic’s vocals and bars top it off in creating the ultimate picture of him running through the city without a care in the world.

Vic says he drew his inspiration for this track from the adventures he has in his everyday life. He credits producer Bier Music in creating this ‘vibe’ that he describes as ‘Something that you can ride to, but also something that will get you going.’

The goal of his music is to ‘inspire and uplift his listeners’, putting them in a good mood no matter what. Vic wraps up the interview by exciting listeners by mentioning that he is looking to drop another project in the month of August and we can’t wait.

Discover more about ViciousVic here.

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