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Spotlight: Waterfront Connects with Listeners on a Deeper Level

During the summer of 2020, Waterfront embarked on a journey to Vancouver, Canada, where they partnered with Garrett Ward and Dan Botch of The Faceplants and The Renaissance.

The group of diversely talented artists then collaborated to produce an EP labelled, “New Heights.” Their lyrics generally showcase the defining moments from their lives, and often allow those who have experienced similar situations to connect with the emotion behind the song on a deeper level.

Creating an all-encompassing soundscape, Waterfront’s wailing electric guitars, savory bass licks, and thumping percussion lines bring life to their storytelling lyrics. As a collective goal of the band, Waterfront aims to spread a message to their fans that they are here for you.

While their music focuses on their own life milestones, they encourage fans to reach out through social platforms to share their own experiences. Waterfront wants its listeners to know that they do not have to go through the more difficult aspects of life alone.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Waterfront says, "If we had to specify one message for our audience, it's perhaps that we’re here for you! We make these songs to share our defining moments with anyone who may also identify with what comes out of those speakers. We want to share our experiences and hear about yours. So, always feel welcome to communicate with us on any of our platforms. No one is alone and you’re not expected to drag yourself out of a low by yourself. It took us as an entire band to reach out for newer heights and we’d like to bring our audience with us."

Discover more about Waterfront, here.

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