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Spotlight: Wicked Winters

Operating out of East London/Kent, Steve Davies, the man behind Wicked Winters, creates an atmosphere of serenity as he uses musical ability to touch on feelings of loneliness and despair in a light manner.

His new single, "Orchestra Of Doubt," gives audiences insight into mental health and allows them to relate on a personal level, as the single uses depth to cause inner fulfillment.

This tasteful piano tune is paired with a tranquil ambiance as Davies' outstanding vocal range stands alone. Each organic lyric creates a sense of relatability as his inner vulnerability is brought out on full display.

Davies' passion is heightened as he draws towards a message of enduring the restrictions we have all had to achieve through the pandemic and the emotions that came along with them.

Although the pandemic offered its challenges for social individuals like himself, Davies' used this opportunity to express his feelings as he began creating music again.

Although this song is filled with emotions, it will create a different response from different types of people, and that is a very important part of "Orchestra of Doubt."

Discover more about Wicked Winters, here.


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