Spotlight: YXL Ayo and His Heartwarming Tribute

Nigerian recording artist YXL Ayo has released the intro track "G.R.A.," off his latest 6-track EP, 'IBUKUN, ' and as you'll experience, the track is quite moving. This emotional track is dedicated to his late grandmother who passed away from COVID-19. YXL Ayo pays homage to his Nigerian roots through British r&b and afro-fusion sonic hip-hop.

“G.R.A.” opens up with groovy guitars and an afro drum beat as YXL Ayo begins to tell us all about his blessings. We are able to feel his love for his grandmother through his lyrics, and even draw parallels to our own lives.

YXL Ayo "wanted the listeners to feel warm and feel like they are at home,” just like his grandmother. He even recalls feeling like the instrumental spoke to him so much so, it was like his grandmother was telling him exactly what to say. Safe to say, we are touched.

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