Spotlight: Zaida is a, “Bulletproof Queen”

Long before she can remember, Zaida was constantly surrounded by an environment that was filled to the brim with music. Her adoration with instrumentation, specifically the piano, stemmed from watching her own mother’s fingers delicately dance across the ivory keys.

Zaida embarked on her journey to learn the piano at age 12 and has since then blossomed as a musician. Inspired by a diverse array of musicians including Rob Thomas, Pink, and Jewel, Zaida looks to symphonic and electric synths to construct an all-consuming, anthemic atmosphere for each of her songs.

In her most recent self-produced single “Bulletproof Queen,” Zaida pushed her own boundaries by dipping her toes into novel genres and instrumentation.

The creative artist is always willing to step out of her comfort zone to bring her fans refreshing sonic experiences.

Through her songwriting, Zaida relays a message of self-love by encouraging fans to embrace exactly who they are with confidence.

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